Lac Bay gets two panoramic observation towers

Lac Bay - picture Inge Poorthuis

Along Lac Bay, two observation towers are being built by STINAPA. From these towers, rangers from the conservation organization will monitor the bay. But the towers will also be open to the public! That means a new tourist attraction for Bonaire.

The observation towers will be built on both sides of the bay. One of the towers will be on Sorobon Beach. The other on the other side, at the secluded beach of Lac Cai. 

The Beach at Lac Cai - picture Inge Poorthuis

From the towers, visitors will have a magnificent view of Lac Bay. The towers offer a good view not only of the windsurfers active on the water in the bay, but also of nature. Besides being able to view Bonaire's mangroves from above from these towers, the towers also offer a unique view of Lac Bay. This allows you to admire the coral reefs and seagrass beds in the bay from above. The new observation towers are also great places to spot birds. 

The towers will be installed in the coming weeks. First the tower at Sorobon will be installed, then the one at Lac Cai. The new observation towers are part of the Lac Pa Semper project. This project focuses on nature restoration and the sustainable use of Lac Bay.

Lac Bay

Windsurfers at Lac Bay - picture Inge Poorthuis

Lac Bay is a shallow, natural lagoon on the southeast coast of Bonaire. Coral reefs protect the bay from the high waves on this side of the island. This makes the seawater in this lagoon calm. This is gratefully used by windsurfers. Beginners can learn to windsurf here because the bay is shallow. When they fall off their surfboard, they can easily get back on because the seawater is not deep. But even for advanced windsurfers, the fairly flat water and almost constant wind is the perfect mix to practice their sport well. 

In addition, Lac Bay is a beautiful nature reserve protected by RAMSAR. Mangroves grow around the bay and in the bay itself grows sea grass, which attracts sea turtles. The bay is also the nursery for many different species of fish, which are born here.

Bonaire nature tourism

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