Tips for snorkeling at Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is the uninhabited islet off the coast of Bonaire. The islet has a beach paradise. But did you know that Klein Bonaire is also a great place for snorkeling? The island has beautiful coral reefs, where many colorful fish and sea turtles live. Read our tips on snorkeling at Klein Bonaire here.

When you take the water cab to Klein Bonaire, it will drop you off at the most famous beach on the island: No Name Beach. From here you can walk straight into the water to go snorkeling. But do you want to fully enjoy the beautiful reefs on the island? Then walk a bit on the sandy beach, facing Kralendijk. The sandy beach turns into a coral bottom after a while. Water shoes are highly recommended. Walk a little further until you reach a yellow pole and a yellow stone. Right at this point there is an opening in the reef through which you can swim. 

Enter the water at this point and carefully swim between the opening in the reef. Be careful, the reef is razor sharp. Once you have swum through the opening, let the current carry you with it. While snorkeling you will pass the beautiful reefs of Klein Bonaire. Depending on the current and whether or not you swim yourself, you will arrive back at No Name Beach after about half an hour.

Snorkel stop from the water taxi

Want to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs of Klein Bonaire even longer? Then in a snorkel stop offered by the water cab is for you. It goes like this; you take the water cab to Klein Bonaire. Ask the captain if a snorkel stop is possible. If the captain considers it responsible to make the stop, apply sunscreen and prepare for snorkeling. Now put on all your swimwear as well and keep your snorkel mask and possibly fins handy. 

The water cab will now sail first to Klein Bonaire. Once you arrive at the island you will disembark briefly to put your things on the beach that should not get wet. Then you will board the water cab again. When the water cab returns to Kralendijk, the captain will make a stop near the reef. You then jump off the boat and float back to No Name Beach snorkeling with the current. This snorkeling trip takes about an hour. Please note that there is nowhere to land along the way except at the point with the yellow pole.

Snorkel excursions to Klein Bonaire

Of course you can also choose to book a snorkel excursion. These are often conducted with larger boats or catamarans. These boats are comfortable and you can safely leave your belongings on board. During the snorkel excursions there are usually one or two snorkel stops. Sometimes at No Name Beach, but also sometimes at one of the other beautiful reefs of Klein Bonaire.

Usually during a snorkel excursion there is a guide on board who goes with you into the water. He or she has an eye for detail, often knows where sea turtles are hiding or can easily find a hidden octopus. 

Depending on the type of excursion you book, snacks, lunch, dinner or barbecue buffet and drinks are included.     

You can visit Klein Bonaire daily between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.

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Photo credit: Inge Poorthuis

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