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Fotocredit: Inge Poorthuis

Yesterday we received special news! Our adopted nest of sea turtles hatched. As many as 88 baby sea turtles found their way to the sea.

The staff of Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire noticed yesterday morning during their nest monitoring patrol that "our" nest of sea turtles had hatched. After this discovery, they opened the nest to count the empty egg shells. The count revealed that 88 young sea turtles had safely emerged from the nest. This was a nest of a loggerhead turtle. This is one of the species of sea turtles found on Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. 

Fotocredit: Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

In addition to our nest, five other nests hatched yesterday on Klein Bonaire. A total of 577 young sea turtles reached the sea safely yesterday. Two new nests were also found yesterday during the nest monitoring patrol. 

The nesting season for sea turtles is now halfway through. At this time, new nests are still being found. At the same time, nests are already hatching. That means these are busy times for the staff of Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire. 

If you'd like to join them on patrol sometime, read on here: A unique experience: go in search of sea turtle nests on Klein Bonaire

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