Bonaire now features floating pool in sea

Recently, Bonaire has a swimming pool in the Caribbean Sea. The pool consists of a floating pier in a U-shape and is accessible to everyone. An asset for the island, as Bonaire did not yet have a public swimming pool. 

The floating pool was constructed near Parke Tului, the playground in the center of Kralendijk. In the first phase of the project, the floating pier was installed. This creates a pool in the sea of 20 x 25 meters.  Later, a wheelchair ramp will also be added to the floating pool. This will allow people who have difficulty walking or are in wheelchairs to reach the sea water more easily and safely.

Among other things, the new pool will be used for school swimming. It will be easier and safer for swimming teachers to give swimming lessons to school children. In addition, the pool will be accessible to everyone, meaning both local people and tourists. Several benches have been placed on the pier. This makes it a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the surroundings. During sunset, this is therefore a popular spot.

Pool rules

Children under 15 may use the floating pier and pool only when accompanied by an adult. No fishing is allowed from the pier and no pets are allowed on the pier. Also, alcohol and/or drugs are not allowed on the pier. In addition, the pier is non-smoking. Boats are not allowed to dock at the pier or pass by at a short distance and/or at high speed.  

The floating pool has been placed in consultation with nature conservation organization STINAPA. The vulnerable underwater world of Bonaire was taken into account. The pier is maintained and managed by Indebon.

Later, the play equipment at Parke Tului will also be refurbished and the traffic situation around the park improved.

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