Nearly 500 loras counted on Bonaire during Roost Count

Echo Foundation, along with volunteers, counted 498 loras (yellow-shouldered Amazon parrots) during the semi-annual Roost Count. That's down slightly from previous years.

The foundation, which shelters and protects loras on Bonaire, organized the semi-annual count on July 29. During the count, an estimate was made of the minimum number of loras living on the island. In this count this time, the foundation had help from 49 volunteers to collect scientific data.

A total of nineteen different locations on Bonaire were counted. The counts took place at known roosts of the parrots. Most of these roosts are located in Rincon and surrounding areas and in Washington Slagbaai National Park. But there are also a number of known roosts elsewhere on Bonaire where loras have been counted.

The counts take place at a simultaneous time. This prevents double counting. Early in the morning, volunteers were present at the various roosts. After the loras wake up, they leave their roosts to search for food. At that time, they are counted. Fewer loras were counted this year than in previous years. The reason is that two important roosts in Washington Slagbaai National Park could not be visited. 

Would you also like to have this experience once (or several times)? Come help Echo with their next roost count! The next count will be Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024. Save the date! You can contact the Lora Foundation at

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