Hiking on Bonaire: Seru Largu Hiking Trail

Bonaire is known as "divers paradise". But even above water, there is plenty to do on the island. For example, did you know that you can take beautiful hikes on Bonaire? There is a short but beautiful hiking trail at Seru Largu. During the hike, you'll have stunning views of much of Bonaire.

The Seru Largu Hiking Trail is well marked, just follow the pink stones during your hike. Hiking is best done in the early morning or later in the afternoon because of the heat. Be sure to return in time, before sunset. Always bring enough water and something to eat when you go out. Be sure to cover up well, too, so that you don't burn while hiking. Choose closed shoes with a sturdy sole, on this trail there are many loose stones.

Seru Largu Hiking Trail

The Seru Largu Hiking Trial starts near the parking lot on top of the hill Seru Largu. On this hill is a large cross, which can be seen from afar. The trail starts on the left side of the parking lot. First you walk down a little bit, then you walk up again. Soon the path narrows and slowly descends. Meanwhile you already have a beautiful view of the south of Bonaire including Kralendijk.

When you walk a little further you will come to a fork in the road. Turn right here. You now walk a small round where you get a view of the neighborhood Bona Bista and later on Tras di Montaña. In this area used to be the airport of Bonaire, now it is a large field. During the walk you will come across some old Brazil trees. Don't be surprised if goats cross your path, they like to scurry around.

At the end of the circle you come back to the same point. You now walk back to the starting point of the walk via the same path. This short walk takes about three quarters of an hour.

Make the hike more challenging

If you feel like hiking a little further, you can! On top of Seru Largu is a circular trail of about one kilometer. The roundabout offers beautiful views of the surroundings of the hilltop. In the early morning or late afternoon, this lap is often used by runners. There is almost always a lovely breeze blowing here, providing coolness. 

Want to challenge yourself even further? Then do not park your car on top of the hill Seru Largu, but start your walk from the neighborhood Nawati/Santa Barbara. Through a long sloping road, which has recently been provided with a new layer of asphalt, you walk up the hill. A tough climb!

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