The most beautiful plants and trees for your Bonaire garden

When you move to Bonaire and have a house with a garden, you can plant it so you can enjoy it for years to come. Besides attracting birds and butterflies, plants and trees often provide shade. And it looks beautiful, too. Want to know what are the best plants and trees for your garden on Bonaire? Then read our tips here.

Bonaire has a tropical savanna climate. This means that temperatures are fairly constant throughout the year, around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The island has long dry periods, you will have to take this into account when planting your garden. The months of October, November and December receive about half of the total annual rainfall. A good time to plant your garden. In the drier months you will have to provide the plants and trees with extra water. This can be done manually with a garden sprinkler, or by installing an automatic drip system in your garden. 

When planting your garden, keep in mind that donkeys and iguanas love certain types of trees and plants. A good fence, to keep donkeys out, is a must. A donkey can eat a young palm bare in no time.

Palm trees

A beautiful tree should not be missing in your garden. And on a tropical island like Bonaire, a beautiful palm in your garden is not out of place. There are several types of palm trees to choose from, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Washingtonia Robusta is a fast-growing palm, which once mature, can also withstand drought. This type of palm can grow up to 25 meters tall. Coconut palms also do well on Bonaire, although they require more moisture. This palm species can also grow very tall. Another popular palm species is the Manila palm. They grow slowly and reach a maximum height of six meters. Once mature, they produce beautiful red berries, which is why they are called Christmas palms. Pruning is not necessary, this palm species lets the dead leaves fall by themselves.

Flamboyant and Plumeria

Another tree species not to be missed on the island is the Flamboyant. The tree lives up to its name; once in bloom it forms a sea of red flowers. A Flamboyant does require a lot of space, the tree has a wide canopy. Another beautiful shrub/tree is the Plumeria or Frangipani. This plant produces clusters of wonderfully fragrant flowers. The Plumeria is available in different colors of pink and white/yellow. 

Flowering shrubs

If you are looking for a fast-growing, flowering shrub, an Oleander is a good idea. Because the Oleander is highly toxic, it is not easily attacked by donkeys or iguanas, for example. If you want to attract hummingbirds to your garden, then a Raspa is a good plant. They have small flowers that are a great attraction to the little birds.

Photo credit: Inge Poorthuis

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