Hiking on Bonaire: the Dos Pos and Montaña hiking trail

Bonaire is known as a true diving destination. But even above water there is plenty to do on the island. For example, did you know that you can make beautiful hikes on Bonaire? Especially in the northern part of the island there are many hiking possibilities. In the hilly landscape there are several beautiful hiking trails. Near Rincon you will find two beautiful trails the Dos Pos and Montaña hiking trail.

The hiking trails we mention are well marked, just follow the pink stones during your walk. Hiking is best done in the early morning or a little later in the afternoon because of the heat. Be sure to return in time, before sunset. Always bring enough water and something to eat when you go out. Be sure to cover up well, too, so that you don't burn while hiking. Choose closed shoes with a sturdy sole. The trails are frequently surrounded by cacti.

Dos Pos hiking trail

The Dos Pos hiking trail starts at the Dos Pos windmill, near Lake Goto. Follow the trail that starts behind the windmill and follows the pink stones. The first part of this trail meanders through a densely vegetated area. A little later you come to a more open area. Here you have a magnificent view of the hilltops around you. Next you get a fantastic view of Lake Goto. After this, the trail continues through a densely vegetated area. Eventually the path widens and you come to an asphalt road, turn left here and follow this street. This brings you back to the starting point of this route.

Montaña hiking trail

Another wonderful trail in the same area is the Montaña hiking trail. This hiking trail starts at the same place as the Dos Pos hike. From the windmill, follow the asphalt road towards Lake Goto. After walking for a while, you turn left, into the dirt road. Also, this walk is marked with pink stones. The first part is a somewhat wider dirt path. At the end of this path, you turn left, into the narrow path. Also, here you walk winding through the beautiful nature of Bonaire. From here also begins the climb, montaña namely means mountain. After a steep climb you come to a flatter path. The last part of the route is a bit harder; you have to climb a steep slope with loose stones. However, the view at the top is fantastic! From here you can see most of the island and have a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. After enjoying the view, you walk back to the starting point of this hiking trail via the same route.

Combine the Dos Pos with the Montana hiking trail

For the real sports enthusiasts among us, both trails can be well combined. Start with the Dos Pos hike. As soon as you get back on the asphalt road turn left. A little further on you will find, on the right, the starting point of the Montaña route. After climbing the mountain you will come back to the same asphalt road. Turn right here and you will end up at the Dos Pos windmill again.

Photo credit: Inge Poorthuis

Bonaire hiking nature

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