Bario Festival

Second Bario Festival on July 8

Are you looking forward to a fun night out and getting to know the real Bonaire? Do you like music and good food? Then come to the free Bario Festival on Bonaire. This event is being organized for the second time this year. This time the Bario Festival will be held in the Nikiboko district on Saturday, July 8. The organization is in the hands of Tourism Corporation Bonaire and softball team New Angel.

Several musical groups will perform during this Bario Festival. For example, Grupo NikiMix and the Foyan Boys will be present. Furthermore, you can expect performances by S.P.A.B. Dance and DJ Fe. Of course, there will also be booths selling local food and cold drinks.

All residents of Bonaire are invited to the event, but of course visitors to the island are also welcome. So come to the Bario Festival on Saturday, July 8. The event starts at 6 PM and will continue until midnight. The event will take place at Parke Lalan Clarenda in the Nikiboko neighborhood. Admission is free!


Bario Festival introduced in 2022

The Bario Festival has been introduced in 2022 by the Tourism Corporation Bonaire. It is planned that the event will be held in different neighborhoods on Bonaire. During the event, residents of the neighborhood can showcase their talents and creativity. An additional advantage is that the event provides income for the residents of the neighborhoods. In addition to residents of Bonaire, Tourism Corporation Bonaire also hopes to attract tourists to the neighborhoods.

In 2022, Bario Festivals were already organized in the districts of Antriol, Tera Kòrá, Rincon and Nort'i Saliña, among others. A Bario Festival was also previously held in the Nikiboko neighborhood. The first edition of the 2023 Bario Festival took place on March 4 in the Tera Kòrá district.






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