Bonaire's most beautiful sandy beaches

Te Amo and Donkey Beach

In line with the runway of Bonaire's airport is Donkey Beach. The beach is located on the main road to the south of the island. Donkey Beach consists of a narrow strip of sandy beach, with some rocky bottom here and there. On the beach there are several trees, which provide shade. Following on from Donkey Beach is the beautiful, wide sandy Te Amo beach with snow-white sand. 

Cold drinks and delicious dishes are available at the three food trucks that are regularly found on these beaches. How about a delicious lionfish burger?


No Name Beach on Klein Bonaire

Another beautiful sandy beach can be found on Klein Bonaire, an uninhabited island about 800 meters off the coast of Bonaire. Get there by taking the water cab. It leaves several times a day from Karel's Beach Bar and Nautico Marina (opposite It Rains Fishes restaurant). The crossing takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Klein Bonaire does not have a jetty. That means that when you arrive, you have to walk a short distance through the water to reach the beach. This fantastic beach also consists of snow-white sand and would not look out of place in a vacation brochure.

On the beach of Klein Bonaire there are no facilities such as a restaurant, bar or toilet. However, there are two shelters that provide some shade. If you go to Klein Bonaire, bring your own snacks and drinks in a cooler.


Lac Bay and Sorobon

On the beautiful lagoon of Lac Bay or Lac Bay are a number of beautiful sandy beaches. On the south side of the bay, you will find the sandy beach of Sorobon. Here you will find a number of popular beach bars, each with their own atmosphere and charm. All these beach tents have sun loungers (free at Jibe, paid at the others), a restaurant, toilets and outdoor showers. Adjacent you will find a strip of sandy beach where you may sit with your own chair.

The water in Lac Bay is shallow, this makes it a suitable place to go with children. The bay is also used for (learning) to windsurf. At Sorobon you will find several surf schools where you can take lessons or rent equipment.

Across Lac Bay you will find the deserted sandy beach of Lac Cai with its famous mountains of shells. The dirt road to Lac Cai can be bumpy, but the drive there is well worth it. With a little luck, on weekdays you will even have this little beach all to yourself. On Sundays there is regular live music here and you can sample local dishes.


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